Pluympot 5a delft


Pluympot 5a, Delft

In this lively district we offer a semi furnished and high quality apartment with 98 m2 floor area. living in a delightful atmosphere.

Lay out:

This brandnew two bedroom(17,5 m2 en 12,1 m2) apartment is on the first floor. It has an open and complete SieMatic kitchen , a lovely sitting area with a lot of space (52,8 m2), a roof terrace (11 m2) with a perfect view.

There's a private storage room for a bike.

The apartment features a bathroom with shower, an separate toilet, a washer and dryer are available


The property is well located in the city centre and nearby train station

The price semi furnished is  € 1975,- excl G/W/E per month. minimum renting period one year.

Option to rent a private car parking at a two minute walk for 125 euro per month.