About us

Van Haaren Vastgoed B.V. is a enthusiastic company that has been creating value in real estate for more than 35 years. We rent out our own portfolio. This concerns living space, premises and retail spaces. For our tenants we could eventually rent out garages.

LIVING SPACE  is available for private individuals and companies. Apartments are, dependable from the personal wishes, semi-furnished or completely furnished. We handle a renting period of minimal one year.

Individuals can end up in the social rent sector and the free sector.  Companies and institutions, who are looking for living space for their employees, like expats, usually rent in the free sector.

All the apartments are situated in the centre of Delft. Parking is cheap in the public art of the city, trough a parking permission from the municipality of Delft. There is a more suitable option: Van Haaren Vastgoed rents a PRIVATE PARKING place in the neighbourhood.

Premises is the collective name for OFFICE- PRACTICE- STUDIO SPACES.  Notice that there is also for RETAIL SPACES a renting period of five years ( with a option for lengthening ). 

All the possible renting objects are emphasized with a excellent finishing level and great facilities.

This means for renters that they are provided with good basic facilities and service. The price and quality has to be compensated. The rent is always based on the indicated renting periods. Aberrant periods are negotiable.

Van Haaren  exclusively rents in the city Delft. We gladly see the requests from people and companies who appreciate our historical city.