Live and work in Delft

Delft is one of the most beautiful Dutch cities. It has a long and rich in history and fascinating stories. The city is characterized by its beautiful canals, bridges, church towers and canal houses. On the 15th of April in the year 1246, the city received civil right from king ‘Willem II’, and has existed for over 765 years.
Delft is located in the West of Holland near by the sea, between Rotterdam en The Hague. 

So much to do

Delft is a town with lots of activities and events. There is no need to get bored with lots of Museum’s, Bars & Restaurants, Sightseeing, Markets, and city events.

The ‘’Beestenmarkt’’is probably the best well known around the locals of Delft. It is a place where the come together in the weekends to eat and drink. It is a square that got its name from the animal auctions being held there in the past. But in the winter time this square is turned into an ice skating place where you can drink hot chocolate.

On Thursday and Saturday they have a market for food, flowers, clothes and syrup waffle. During a city tour or a cruise by boat you can enjoy ancient buildings located along the canal.

Royal city

Delft is probably best known because of its Royal history. Besides that the Royal family has its family grave in the new church of Delft, William of Orange was killed in Delft. He was shot by Balthasar Gerards in 1584. The monument where the actual murder happened is now a museum and is called the ‘’Prinsenhof’’ where you can still see the bullet holes in the wall.

Other celebrities 

Johannes Vermeer, one of the most famous Dutch painter, was born in 1632 in Delft. The place where he was born is turned into a museum. Johannes Vermeer was buried in 1675 in the old church.

Hugo Grotius was born and buried in Delft as well. This famous international lawyer escaped from prison in a book-case. In memory of this inspiring person you can find a statue on the market square between the city hall and the new church.


Many tourists come to Delft for its world famous ‘’Delfts-Blue’’ pottery. In the 17th century there were more than thirty pottery factories where pots and plates were handmade and painted. Today, there is only one pottery left; ‘’De Porceleyne Fles’’.

Technical Universities Delft

Delft is also called ‘’Kennisstad’’, literally translated it means ‘’Knowledge City’’. Thanks to the Technical University of Delft (TU), founded in 1842 by King Willem II, thousands of students want to study in this university. Throughout the world, the TU Delft, has one of the highest rankings in the engineering field.